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This ticket offers a captivating blend of Thai culture and boasts Southeast Asia's largest botanical garden. With over 2,000 daily visitors from around the world, it's an ever-evolving oasis dedicated to education, research, and the preservation of a vast collection of tropical plants and palm trees. Nestled just 15 kilometers south of Pattaya, this 500-acre wonderland is designed in a traditional Thai village style, featuring an orchid nursery and various botanical gardens, making it an ideal vacation spot.

But there's more to enjoy than just its splendid scenery! Nong Nooch Tropical Garden offers a delightful sightseeing bus ride, taking you around the garden to showcase its most marvelous sights, allowing you to explore the vast garden with ease.

Nong nooch Garden Pattaya Ticket Only

  • ✓ Nong nooch garden admission ticket (Admission Fee + Sight-seeing bus + Show)


    ✕ Any personal expanses

    ✕ Rountrip hotel transfer

    ✕ Food or snacks

    ✕ Lunch

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