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Location for join Songkran festival in Bangkok

If you're looking to join the Songkran festival in Bangkok, there are several popular locations where the festivities are especially lively:

  1. Khao San Road: Known as the backpacker hub of Bangkok, Khao San Road is famous for its wild Songkran celebrations. Expect massive water fights, music, and street parties.

  2. Silom Road: Another hotspot for Songkran revelry, Silom Road hosts one of the largest water fights in Bangkok. The atmosphere here is electrifying, with locals and tourists alike drenching each other with water guns and buckets.

  3. Siam Square: Siam Square is a popular shopping and entertainment district that transforms into a water-soaked playground during Songkran. You'll find crowds of people roaming the streets, armed with water weapons and ready to join the fun.

  4. Asiatique The Riverfront: This riverside shopping and dining complex also gets into the Songkran spirit with water fights and other festivities. It offers a slightly more relaxed atmosphere compared to the chaos of Khao San Road and Silom Road.

  5. Lumpini Park: If you prefer a more family-friendly environment, Lumpini Park is a great option. Here, you can enjoy water splashing in a more controlled setting, along with cultural performances and food stalls.

Remember to dress appropriately for getting wet and protect your belongings, such as phones and cameras, in waterproof bags. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and immerse yourself in this unique Thai New Year celebration!

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